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WWF Sounds

Theme Tune sounds for the superstars of the WWF most in MIDI Format.
click on the link to download

WWF SoundsAll of the superstars theme music in RA form.
MankindMankinds Music
Cactus JackCactus Jacks Music
AustinStone Cold Steve Austins Theme Music

Kurt AngleKurt Angles Music
UndertakerThe Undertakers music (old,not Kid Rock)
KaneKanes Music

New Age OutlawsNew Age Outlaws Theme Music
D-X MusicD-Generation-x Theme Music in MID form for easy and quick download.
Shawn MichealsMusic in MID fromat.
The Rock's MusicThe Rock's Theme Music, sounds good even though in MID Format.
X-Files Theme MusicMusic to the tv programme The X-Files
NightRider MusicThe Music to Nightrider an Excellent sound track