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Smackdown Results

WWF Smackdown results from 13/07/2000

Too Cool and Rikishi took on T&A and Val Venis in six-man tag team action as SmackDown
kicked off, During the match, Lita came down to
attack Trish. As T&A came to help their manager, the Hardy Boyz came to
ringside to take T&A out of the match. That left Val easy prey for a sit-down splash
and a pinfall at the hands (and butt) of Rikishi. The Hardys soon chased off T&A,
and Too Cool, the Hardys, Rikishi and Lita all danced in celebration!

Triple H carried his sledgehammer over his shoulder and a smile on his face as he
and his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, came to the ring. Triple H bragged
about bloodying Chris Jericho on RAW, and said he would do the same thing
later that night in his no-DQ match with the Undertaker.

Backstage, Road Dogg said something to Lita which caused her to slap him. The
Hardys then attacked DX, leading to a match. The Hardys seemed poised to win
after a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb on X-Pac, but Road Dogg broke up the
pinfall. Trish then came down with T&A to attack Lita, distracting the ref and
allowing Road Dogg to push Jeff Hardy off the top rope into an X-Factor! DX then
picked up the 1-2-3.

Dean Malenko was accompanied to the ring by two lovely ladies. His opponent,
Al Snow, poked fun at the Light Heavyweight Champion by bringing two blow-up
dolls to ringside! During the match, Steven Richards came to ringside and brought
both blow-up dolls and both ladies back to the locker room. After Malenko won the
match by reversing a superplex into a pinning combination, the self-proclaimed
censor of the World Wrestling Federation chided both Snow and Malenko, and
said that his actions were for your own good!

After his brutal attacks on Chyna in recent weeks, Chris Benoit was forced to take
on Eddie Guerrero and Chyna in Handicap action. Shane McMahon’s
interference allowed Benoit to lock Eddie in the Crossface. Eddie got to the ropes,
but Benoit refused to break the hold, leading to a disqualification. Mad about the
decision, Chris then applied the hold to senior referee Earl Hebner! The Rock ran
to the ring to break up the melee, and fought off Shane, Benoit and Edge &
Christian, who had come to ringside to attack him.

in an interview, The Rock said that he would put his title on the
line against Benoit at Fully Loaded

Claiming he had suffered a back injury as a result of the Rock Bottom he took
earlier in the night, Edge backed out of his and Christian’s tag title match against
the Acolytes, leaving Christian to take on Faarooq in singles action. Although
Edge tried to interfere, Faarooq’s sheer power was too much for Christian to
handle, and the former All-American picked up the win. After the match, the
champions attacked Faarooq with the ring bell.

Kurt Angle was a nervous wreck prior to his match with Kane, and when he saw
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley in the hallway, he said he needed a hug. As he
hugged her, Triple H emerged from a nearby locker room and saw what was going
on. Angle quickly scampered away, and when Triple H asked his wife what had
happened, she said that Angle had forced himself on her. An enraged Triple H
then attacked Angle during his match with Kane, throwing him into the ring steps
and leaving him easy prey for a chokeslam win by the Big Red Machine.

in a Hardcore Championship Match, Steve Blackman successfully retained his title
by pinning Crash after kicking Crash through a
garbage can!

The Game then took on the Undertaker in SmackDown!’s main event. The Bad
Ass was relentless, and had Triple H poised for a chokeslam when Kurt Angle
came to ringside holding a sledgehammer. Although he was aiming for Triple H,
Angle’s streak of bad luck continued, as the Game ducked and he hit the Taker
square in the face. Triple H then picked up the easy pin as SmackDown! went off
the air.