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Show began with Commissioner Mick Foley and announced that Chris Jericho would not be in attendance tonight Foley then announced that Y2Js match with the Game at Fully Loaded would be a last Man Standing Match.

Foley made a tag team match pitting
Kane and the Undertaker against Angle and Triple H!

Foley announced that Edge & Christian would defend their Tag Team Championship
against the Acolytes at Fully Loaded, and also said that Rock, Faarooq and
Bradshaw would meet Edge, Christian and Benoit later that night.

The Hardy Boyz took on the Dudley Boyz in the first match. With the Hardys
down, the Dudleys went to get a table but as soon as they took it out, Steven Richards came to the ring to take it away That allowed Jeff Hardy
enough time to recover grab a ladder and deliver a dive to the
Dudleys on the outside

The match l ended in a disqualification when T&A interfered.
But the fireworks were only beginning. Trish and Lita battled into the ring, where
Test and Albert set up a table and a ladder. After battling atop the ladder, Trish
pushed Lita off the ladder 10 feet in the air through a table.

Godfather battled Bull and Steven Richards came down to cover the Hos

DX took on Too Cool In the end, Grandmaster Sexay rolled up Road Dogg for a
two-count which X-Pac turned into an X-Factor for the win.

Edge got the pin in the six man tag match between the tag champs and benoit vs. the rock and the acolytes.

the rock grabbed a steel chair and barged into
Benoit's locker room, knocking out Shane, Edge and Christian and busting Benoit
wide open. A bloody mess, Benoit and Shane then fled for their limo, but they
couldn't get there in time. Rock again nailed the Wolverine with the chair, and
then delivered a Rock Bottom on the hood of the limo before Shane and Benoit
could escape

light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko hit the ring, offering Jacqueline and
Ivory a shot at his title. But the challenge was answered by Chyna! At one point,
the Ninth Wonder of the World locked Malenko in his own Texas Cloverleaf! Soon
after that, Perry Saturn came to ringside and attacked Eddie Guerrero. Saturn
drilled Guerrero on the steel rampway and then embraced Terri on the stage.
Chyna went to check on Eddie, and was counted out.

Foley set up a match between Tazz and Al snow for Fully Loaded.

Test fought Rikishi, Rikishi scored with a Samoan Drop for the pin.
After the match, T&A and Val Venis attacked Rikishi until Too Cool came down
for the save. Scotty even gave Albert the Worm on the stage! But soon after that,
Val threw Scotty 10 feet off the stage! Backstage, Val revealed that he hated
Rikishi because Rikishi caters to the fans, something he used to do -- before he
started doing things for himself.

The night's main event was up next, pitting Triple H and Kurt Angle against Kane
and the Undertaker. Throughout the match, Angle was apprehensive to get in the
ring at the same time as the Undertaker. Angle finally ran from the Bad Ass. As
Triple H set Kane up for a Pedigree, Chris Jericho tried to come to the ring but
was restrained by referees. That distracted Triple H long enough for Kane to
chokeslam him and score the win! Triple H and Jericho then brawled in the ring
as RAW went off the air!