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Here is some info on the WWF'S superstars if you have any additional info please email it to me at the address on the hone page.

The Rock
Current WWF title holder and a sure fan favourite has held the belt 5 times. he has huge feuds with the Game and the Mcmahons but now he has heat with Chris Benoit. He is surely the most Electrifying man in spprts Entertainment.
Triple H
Married to Stephanie Mcmahon and is one of the biggest heals of all time regardless he is a good competetor and a plays a vital role in the WWF


Mick Foley
Best known for his 3 faces and great bouts he now is a non active wrestling and is the WWF comissioner.
Too Cool & Rikishi






After his return with his new look he had a short while as the a number one contender ror the title belt but now seems to be rejoining Kane and has his place in the tag team division and its almost certain he and kane will capture the tag belts.
Hardy Boyz


Chris Jericho

The Mcmahons